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Become “HER” E-Book

Become “HER” E-Book

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This ebook shares how to become a girl boss and succeed in this life and the next (inshallah) . You are learning from Amanda, who is a muslimah who has a pretty interesting journey to Islam , & is also a 6 figure entrepreneur that has made over $1,500,000 in sales in 3 years from selling different products.


Learn what to do in order to achieve your dreams without compromising your morals!


Learn the qualities a successful muslimah must have ; in order to win in this life and please Allah Swt!

This is a 100 page E-Book

Table of contents include:


Daily practices for spiritual growth

Personal development and time management

Character and interpersonal relationships

Professional growth and financial stability

Building a supportive network

Overcoming life’s challenges

Entrepreneurial ventures

Ways To Make Money Online

Reflection and journaling pages

Inspirational quotes and stories




E-Book is instantly sent immediately after purchase. Ebook includes journaling pages for you to write notes as you learn. 

Email for any questions

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